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The freshest vegetables and premium meat -- all in a light, crispy-when- cooked dough. Just heat and enjoy delicious Day-Lee Pride Potstickers (Gyoza) -- or our other entrees! Restaurant Quality food – from freezer to table in just minutes!

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Gyoza Elephant Bento (pdf)

Utilizing the unique shape of gyoza, Mayumi made an adorable bento featuring the big ears of an elephant.




* Cooked rice - 1 about 90

* Day-Lee Foods Shrimp Gyoza Potstickers - 2

* Cherry tomato - 1

* Fried spaghetti as needed

Parts for face

* A slice of cheese

* Nori seaweed

* Ketchup


How To Make:

(download pdf for images)


1. Put gyoza in boiling water, and cook for about 3 minutes.

2. Put rice in plastic wrap and shape them in to the head and the trunk as shown. (Add your favorite filling inside the rice ball head, if you like.)

3. Place the head between the gyoza pieces in a bento box.

4.Put the cherry tomato where the tip of the trunk would be.

5. Lay the trunk on the cherry tomato in order to be the same height as the face.

6.Make the parts for the face and the trunk with nori seaweed, and place them with tweezers. For cute round eyes, cut a sliced cheese with a straw. Dip a chopstick in ketchup, and color the cheeks.


Japanese-style Buffalo Chicken (pdf)

Everyone's favorite buffalo chicken tastes even better when arranged in Japanese style. This is an easy and quick recipe since chicken are already made.



1 serving

7 pcs Crazy Cuizine Mandarin Orange Chicken

Salad as needed


2 tbsp koikuchi soy sauce

4 tbsp sake

2 tbsp mirin

4 tbsp ketchup

2 tbsp dashi stock

Tabasco as needed

Tips and advice

★ You can adjust the spiciness.

★ The Mandarin Orange Sauce that comes with the package can be used on side as a dipping sauce for children and people who are not fond of spicy flavor.



1. Deep fry Battered Breast Meat Chicken for 2 to 3 minutes in 375°F oil.

2. In a frying pan, put all the ingredients for sauce. Add the Chicken and cook.

3. Place salad on a plate.

4. Place the Chicken on the salad, and pour the sauce.


Fried Gyoza with Vegetable Ankake Sauce (pdf)

Add a little twist for a new flavor!



1 serving

5 pcs Gyoza (Beef)

1/6 Onion

1/4 Bell pepper

2 Shitake

1/8 Carrot

12 oz Dashi

3tbsp Sake

2tbsp Soy sauce

1/4 tsp Sugar

A pinch of salt and pepper

Salad oil to deep fry

Small amount of Potato starch

Tips and advice

★ Dissolving potato starch with dashi instead of water will make it more flavorful.



1. Cut all the vegetables into thin strips.

2. Heat oil to 375° F, and deep fry gyoza for 2-3 minutes.

3. Prepare stir-fry vegetables in a frying pan.

4. When the vegetables are cooked about half way, add salt, pepper, sake, sugar and soy sauce.

5. Add dashi in 4 and bring to a boil. Slowly, stir in potato starch


6. Place gyoza on a plate, and pour the vegetable sauce.


Shanghai Dumpling Soup



1 pack 21 oz Day-Lee Pride® Chicken Gyoza (Potstickers)


Shanghai Broth

20 gm Olive oil, extra virgin164 gm Pork belly, 1” diced

2244 gm Water

36 gm Chicken base, Ventura Foods

31 gm Vegetable base, Ventura Foods

95 gm Green onions, chopped (white parts only)

14 gm Ginger, minced, Christopher Ranch

8 gm Garlic, minced, in oil, Christopher Ranch

80 gm Shiitake mushroom, fresh, sliced

20 gm Shaoxing rice wine

16 gm Black vinegar

1.5 gm White pepper, ground

10 gm Roasted sesame seed oil, Ajinomoto



Preheat large stockpot. Add olive oil.

Add pork belly and brown.

Add water all the way through white pepper.

Bring to a boil and reduce heat to simmer for 10–15 minutes

Remove from heat, chill below 40°F.

Place in Cambro, cover and keep refrigerated until ready for use.

YIELD: 1 ½ gallons

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