Look for this packaging in the FREEZER when shopping at grocery stores below:

Asian Grocery Stores

• Mitsuwa

• Nijiya

• Marukai

• Tokyo Central

• Uwajimaya

• Lotte Plaza

• Seafood City

• 99 Ranch Market

• Zion

• HMart

• Great Wall Supermarket

• Shun Fat

• Super G Mart

• Hong Kong Supermarket

• Marina Food (SF)

• Fresh World (VA)

• Farmer’s Market (GA)

• Greenland (CA)

• T&T (British Columbia)


Traditional Grocery Stores
(select stores)

Harris Teeter

Lucky (Bay Area)

Price Chopper (NE)

Central Market (TX)

Safeway (HI)

Foodland (HI)

Times Supermarket (HI)

Don Quixote (HI)

Target (HI)

Fiesta Mart (TX)

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